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Evolution of the Porsche Cayman

A Look at the Evolution of the Porsche Cayman with Weissach in Vancouver, BC

Over its near-20-year history, the Porsche Cayman has regaled those who love a refined, elegant, and dynamic sports coupe. Some purists may deem the Cayman a relative neophyte of the Porsche stable, given its limited history compared to iconic models like the 911, but this mid-engine, two-seat sports coupe has cemented itself as a highly coveted luxury car over its three generations, and we're thrilled to include it in our stable of upscale performance vehicles at Weissach.

Time and again, the Porsche Cayman has stolen the hearts of those who prefer the sporty elegance of a proper coupe while treating them to the smooth, refined, and of course, exhilarating performance that's been synonymous with the Porsche name for eons. Collectors, thrill-seekers, and those with a soft spot for the finer things can see this marvel of Porsche engineering and design firsthand with a visit to our showroom in Vancouver, BC. The Cayman has swiftly evolved over its 17-year history, setting a new and lofty standard for luxury sports coupes with every one of its three generations. If you're a collector or motoring enthusiast based in Vancouver, South Surrey, Langley, White Rock, or Northwest Vancouver, BC, join us as we shed light on the Porsche Cayman's astounding evolution below before making your way to Weissach for an intimate look at this rightfully lauded Porsche model among our inventory.

First Generation (2005-2012): The Cayman Announces its Arrival

One would be hard-pressed to detail the Cayman's arrival on the market without at least mentioning the Porsche Boxster, as both are mid-engine, two-seat sports cars that have evolved side by side throughout their shared history. While the Boxster announced its arrival as a stunning roadster with a boxer engine - hence its name - in the mid-90s, the Cayman took the market by storm as a new Porsche fastback coupe a decade later, just as the Boxster was entering its second generation. Indeed, the debuting Porsche Cayman was unveiled to much fanfare in 2005 as part of the 2006 model year, all while the Boxster was evolving to its sophomore era, and the pair of beloved Porsche cars have progressed together ever since.
The base Cayman and its S model were the subjects of much acclaim when they first arrived on the market as part of Porsche's 987 generation, and both shared many of the recently restyled Boxster's most attractive and desirable qualities, due in large part to their shared mid-engine platform. Indeed, the Cayman's front and rear lighting, doors, generous side air vents, suspension design, and a portion of its elegant interior all bore shades of the Boxster's new second-generation models, but Porsche's brand-new coupe still set itself apart from its stablemate in all the right ways.

The base model of the first-ever Porsche Cayman came with a 2.7L engine and a five-speed transmission, while the Cayman S boasted an enhanced, but plenty refined powertrain including a 3.4L flat-six engine and a six-speed manual transaxle that made this Porsche coupe's riveting performance all the more responsive. Porsche also offered its patented, electronically controlled five-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission on the newly arrived Cayman, and several attractive and lauded innovations soon followed over the course of the coupe's first generation.
In 2009, Porsche treated the Cayman coupe to a variety of enhancements, not least of which was a bump to a 2.9L engine for the base model and direct injection for the Cayman S' refined motor, and both models owned a slight edge in pep over their Boxster counterparts. The Cayman was also restyled that very same year, with Porsche committing further to its sportier aesthetic on the outside while preserving the best of its luxurious, driver-centric interior. The Cayman didn't just look the part of a dynamic sports coupe either, as its low centre of gravity, aerodynamic build, and meticulously engineered powertrain gave every driver an exhilarating experience worthy of the racetrack.

Second Generation (2012-2016): Porsche's Two-Seat Coupe Is Here to Stay

The Porsche Cayman's sophomore generation - alternatively referred to as the 981 era - may not have lasted as long as its previous or following eras, but it certainly made its mark in just a handful of years. The next-generation Cayman debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, and with it came the S trim and its 3.4L engine. Both the standard Cayman and the Cayman S entered their new generation with a six-speed manual or Porsche's beloved dual-clutch seven-speed PDK transmission, the latter of which quickly stole the hearts of motoring enthusiasts seeking a responsive and engaging drive in a luxury sports coupe package.
The Cayman's second generation didn't just include some innovative changes to its hardware, it also ushered in a whole new aesthetic for the 981 Cayman. Indeed, this acclaimed Cayman stable was treated to some stunning new bodywork, a wider front track that enhanced its stability, a longer wheelbase, and a reimagined interior. All these enhancements not only set a high bar for the Cayman's segment during its second generation, they also cemented it as one of Porsche's finest offerings and earned it the same respect that iconic, longer-running models like the 911 had earned long before it.
Porsche's efforts to make the Cayman as desirable as its classics didn't go unnoticed, as the second-generation coupe earned all kinds of acclaim and laudatory reviews, particularly over its riveting performance. Thanks to its driving dynamics and mid-engine layout, the sophomore-era Cayman was consistently heralded as a thrill to drive, with many in the press applauding its handling, and some even anointing its athletic ride the best among all sports cars. In short, the Porsche Cayman's second generation proved this still-young sports coupe had legitimate staying power in a competitive segment, and that remains the case today.

Third Generation (2016-Present): Redefining Sport-Tuned Performance

While the Porsche Cayman's third generation - and the Boxster's fourth - is also known as the coupe's 982 generation, it was given a 718 designation as a tribute to the brand's storied racing heritage, which dated back to the 50s. As part of this homage to Porsche's past racing triumphs, the Cayman's third generation was treated to a lighter, turbocharged flat-four engine over the flat-six that powered its first two. In fact, Porsche raised the bar for sports coupes yet again with the 718 Cayman, as it offered horizontally opposed 2.0L and 2.5L turbo engines that not only combined for added power and torque, but also enhanced the Cayman coupe's fuel efficiency. The Cayman S wasn't left behind during the ongoing 718 era either, as its first third-generation models could hit 100 km/h in just four seconds and change.
As far as the market's top luxury sports coupes are concerned, the Porsche Cayman is the gift that keeps on giving, as its third generation has been incredibly generous in cutting-edge enhancements to its performance and technology. Indeed, late 2017 saw the Cayman's GTS model get a 2.5L engine with a jaw-dropping 365 horsepower, and just a few years later in 2020, the GTS 4.0 hit the market with a naturally aspirated 4.0L six-cylinder boxer engine that packed nearly 400 horsepower and over 300 lb-ft of torque, giving the Cayman the kind of power normally reserved for a truck or SUV, and with a far more refined and responsive drive. In addition to this robust engine, the Cayman GTS 4.0 was also treated to a six-speed manual gearbox, a sport-tuned suspension, and a limited-slip differential, with all of them doing their part to give a whole new meaning to athletic performance.
As for its technology, the third-generation Porsche Cayman has also enjoyed numerous compelling upgrades like a user-friendly PCM 4.0 infotainment system that's replaced the 3.1 version, as well as a drive mode selector for those who crave greater throttle response on demand for a most engaging drive.

While some purists have lamented the Cayman's loss of its original flat-six engine, this third-generation Porsche coupe's turbo powertrain has earned glowing praise from the automotive press, with many critics applauding the 718 era for mechanically surpassing the Cayman's 981 generation. Indeed, the swifter acceleration and crisper steering of the Cayman's recent models haven't gone unnoticed, nor have its deft handling and incomparable throttle response. While every incarnation and variation of the Cayman has been designed for exhilarating performance, the coupe's third-generation models have been particularly praised for their hardware, which keeps drivers in touch with the road in all the right ways.
As if Porsche was responding to a challenge to take the Cayman's performance to new heights, the beloved European automaker raised the bar yet again in 2021, when it unveiled the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, the first-ever Cayman model to earn an RS designation that had previously been reserved for Porsche's 911 stable. With a 4.0L naturally aspirated flat-six engine to its name, the Cayman GT4 RS announced its arrival with a roar, specifically with nearly 500 horsepower and an even swifter drive and greater downforce than the GT4. Exceptionally quick off the line, the Cayman's first GT4 RS model hits 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds, doing justice to Porsche's longstanding racing heritage like no other Cayman model before it.
Throughout its evolution across three distinct, yet equally beloved generations, the Porsche Cayman sports coupe never lost its sense of style, nor did it ever sour Porsche's many purists by succumbing to design fads that didn't stand the test of time. Over its 17-year history, the Cayman has remained an elite luxury coupe while staying true to Porsche's iconic aesthetic, and although its lighting, bumpers, and luxury cabin have all seen their fair share of upgrades, we can state with confidence that the Cayman's design hasn't been set back by any failed experiments. In fact, it's seamlessly evolved as Porsche has fine-tuned the Cayman's performance, so collectors, thrill-seekers, and weekend cruisers can enjoy the utmost refinement and luxury in drive, aesthetic, and comfort.

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