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Experience Porsche perfection: premium wheels and expert repairs for unmatched performance.


Ensuring your Porsche stays in top-performing condition starts with the wheels and tires. High-quality and well-maintained wheels improve handling, traction and the overall driving experience. Don’t get left in the dust by ignoring your wheels and tires. Trust Weissach for all of your wheel and tire repairs and service needs.


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Our wheel repair services go beyond simple puncture fixes. Our certified technicians employ the latest industry-leading techniques, ensuring you leave with perfectly restored high-end wheels for your Porsche. Whether you need to address curb damage or realign the wheels, Waissach has you covered. Do you need to repair your rims, or are you dealing with structural imperfections? Our team embodies meticulous precision to ensure your satisfaction when driving off from our repair centre.


Keeping your wheels and tires in top-performing condition is essential. The overall performance, handling, and traction is affected as tires become worn out. These all have a negative impact on your driving experience. Weissach in Vancouver offers superior wheel, tire and repair services for Porsche owners. Get back on the open road without missing a beat when you trust us with your wheel and tire needs.

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    Why Choose Weissach?


    We understand the discerning taste of Porsche ownership. This is why our team offers superior quality and compatibility when it comes to your next set of wheels. The tire sets we offer are specifically designed for Porsche. This ensures compatibility and outstanding performance no matter how you choose to enjoy the open road.


    Our tire sets undergo testing under the toughest conditions to ensure your driving pleasure and safety. The qualities we check in our tests include performance, rolling resistance, and rolling noise. Traction and brake tests are another integral part of ensuring the quality of our tires. Our high-performance wheels stand out for their geometry and unique rubber compound that guarantees driving pleasure and safety.

    Wheels, Tires & Repairs

    Choose the Right Wheel Set


    Our extensive range of wheel and tire sets encompass a variety of options depending on your driving needs. Are you looking for optimal grip for superior handling on spirited drives? Perhaps you’re looking for a tire with a refined design that compliments your Porsche. We have the perfect solution for your exact needs, and our team is ready and able to help you find it. We are extremely knowledgeable about choosing the right set of wheels for your specific driving preferences.


    Our team assists with the selection process and every other step along the way. This includes precise installation and alignment to ensure the longevity and performance of your chosen tires. Porsche is synonymous with style, elegance and superior driving performance. Let the team at Weissach help ensure your Porsche meets all these needs and more.


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