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Welcome to Weissach, your premier destination for Porsche maintenance and repairs in the heart of Canada. Our commitment to German precision and dedication to preserving the legacy of your Porsche is what sets us apart. At Weissach, we understand that a Porsche is a testament to engineering perfection and a passion for driving. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of services to keep your Porsche performing at its peak, from interim services and major overhauls to annual check-ups.


A Tradition of Excellence


Our journey began over four decades ago with a vision to offer unparalleled service to Porsche enthusiasts. From a modest beginning, we have grown into a leading Porsche Maintenance & Repairs Centre, always prioritizing our clients' needs and ensuring a surprise-free service. Our expert team, equipped with factory-trained Porsche technicians, utilizes only Porsche specialist tools and genuine parts to deliver superior service that exceeds the highest quality and performance standards.

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    Comprehensive Porsche Care


    At Weissach, we understand the importance of maintaining your Porsche's performance, value, and driving pleasure. Our services include:


    Interim Service


    To keep your Porsche in optimal condition, address minor wear and tear before it escalates.


    Major Service


    Comprehensive checks and replacements to ensure your Porsche remains the pinnacle of performance and safety.


    Annual Services


    Regular maintenance to preserve your Porsche's condition and performance throughout the year.


    We exclusively use Mobil 1 fully-synthetic engine oil, recommended by Porsche for enhanced performance, reduced wear, lower fuel consumption, and extended engine life. By entrusting us with your Porsche, you ensure it receives the care it deserves, maintaining its status as a high-performance machine.

    Porsche Maintenance & Repairs Centre | Weissach

    Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan


    Investing in a Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan is a testament to your commitment to preserving your vehicle's peak condition and performance. With options to lock in your maintenance costs and save on future services and parts, our plan offers a clear path to maintaining your Porsche's excellence. Choose terms that match your driving needs and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your Porsche is always in expert hands.


    Weissach's Commitment to You


    Our dedication goes beyond just servicing Porsche vehicles. It's about fostering a community of enthusiasts and giving back to the communities we cherish. As we evolve, our focus on community giving and maintaining our motorsport roots remains steadfast. Our team, a blend of experience and passion, is here to ensure your Porsche receives the best possible care.


    At Weissach, we're about creating lasting relationships and ensuring every Porsche owner feels valued and supported. Whether you're coming in for a routine check-up or a major service, our team is ready to make your experience exceptional.


    Embrace the Weissach difference—where your Porsche's performance and legacy are our top priority. Visit us at 1757 West 2nd Avenue for an unparalleled service experience, and join a community where excellence is the standard.

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