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    Okanagan Charity Drive Event  June 7th  8th

    We are pleased to announce our next road trip event organized by our team at Weissach on June 6th & 7th. We take this opportunity to invite all of you Porsche, Lotus and Lamborghini owners to join us on this spectacular drive that will take us from Vancouver to Vernon and back again; absorbing some of the best scenery BC has to offer. The best part is you get to bring a friend or partner, so you can share the experience!

    Our adventure will start with the group meeting at Weissach at 8.30am for coffee and waffles. We will then depart convoy style stopping in Whistler to catch up with everybody before we set off to the Okanagan via the Duffey lake road to Lillooet. A must do for any Top 5 driving list, this 100-km stretch between Pemberton and Lillooet isn’t so much about easy driving as it is about [...]

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