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Weissach Tire Storage Advantages

Weissach Tire Storage Advantages

Weissach Tire Storage Advantages in Vancouver, BC

When driving in a province with drastic changes in seasons and weather like ours, tire storage can spare you a great many hassles, and now that drivers across BC need to fit their vehicles with winter tires, there’s no better time to entrust our dealership with storing your second set. As one of the preeminent luxury vehicle dealerships in Western Canada, we at Weissach will treat your tires like they're ours and swap in a reliable winter set, so you can enjoy surefooted, stress-free performance once winter strikes. Whether you’re based in Vancouver, White Rock, South Surrey, Langley, Northwest Vancouver, or beyond, allow us to fill you in on the advantages of storing your tires at Weissach before contacting us to get your winter set installed.

Save Space & Time

Time and space are precious to all of us, and every driver is well aware that their second set of tires, whether winter or all-season, can take up a good bit of storage space. By entrusting Weissach with your tire storage, you’ll not only make better use of your own space, you’ll also spare yourself the errand of loading your second set of tires into your car and bringing them to us when the time comes for a tire swap. If we could put it another way, we’d say convenience is king, and when it comes to tire service, there’s nothing more convenient than storing and installing your set in a single location.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Optimal tire care requires optimal storage conditions. Indeed, even if your second set of tires is stored in a safe place, your rubber can wear, crack, and sustain other damage if storage conditions aren’t ideal. One preventative measure one can take prior to storage is to clean each tire, another is to ensure that they’re stored in a cool and dry place. It’s also crucial to keep your stored tires out of the sun, as excess exposure to sunlight and UV rays can tarnish their rubber compounds. Luckily, we can tend to the cleaning, inspection, and storage of your tires, thereby allowing you to brave the new season with the utmost peace of mind.

Staying Ahead of Your Fellow Drivers

In a province like ours, where drivers are required to meet a winter tire installation deadline, staying ahead of the pre-season rush can spare you a great deal of time and potential frustration. When you depend on Weissach for your tire storage, not only will your tires be kept safe and sound and inspected both before and after storage, you’ll also be notified ahead of the winter deadline, so you can book an appointment to get your winter tires installed, check one more item off your to-do list, and avoid scrambling for a last-minute installation.
For further details on our tire storage services or an appointment for your winter tire installation, contact our Weissach Service Centre today.

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