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Weissach Group COVID-19 Plan

Weissach Group COVID-19 Plan


Weissach Group COVID-19 Plan

This policy outlines Weissach Group’s and it’s companies COVID-19 Operations Plan.

First Level Protection (Elimination)

Measures in place:

  • Posters for visitors and employees to not enter the showrooms or workplace if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are unwell have been posted at the entrances
  • Social distancing signs posted across all the areas to reinforce maintaining 2m distance
  • Work areas have been arranged to ensure social distancing from one another
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed at the front and back doors of the showrooms
  • Masks provided at the reception for customers
  • Occupancy limits have been established and posted at all the required places in our showrooms and offices such as lunchrooms, coffee space, copier room, storage room, meeting rooms etc.
  • Limited visitors to the showroom by appointment to the extent possible
  • Employees are advised to have staggered lunch breaks
  • Magazines etc. have been removed from the common areas
  • Commonly shared cutlery has been removed
  • Hand-washing signs have been put up in the washrooms, lunchrooms, and kitchen areas

Second Level Protection (Engineering Controls)

Measures in place:

  • Social distancing signs are placed all over the showrooms and the office
  • Floor decals are in place to ensure social distancing
  • Plexiglass has been installed at reception desks
  • We have an in-house sanitation schedule at the reception to ensure sanitization is being done four times a day
  • Employees responsible for sanitation have been trained on all the common areas and surfaces that need to be sanitized. They have been provided with Wurth Eco multipurpose disinfectant and other required equipment
  • Employees have been asked to sanitize their private workstations and disinfecting wipes have been provided
  • In addition, cleaning services are provided by an external agency
  • Furniture has been moved to follow social distancing

Third Level Protection (Administrative Controls)

Measures in place:

  • Rules and guidelines around physical distancing, hygiene practices and sanitization have been shared with employees
  • Training has been provided regarding protocols to be followed
  • Employees are aware of the point of contact in case they need to share any feedback or come across any new risks that need to be assessed

Fourth Level Protection (PPE)

Personal Protection Equipment provided:

  • Masks have been distributed to all the employees
  • Information on when and how to wear masks has been shared with employees
  • Employees have also been provided with gloves

Servicing Vehicles Sanitization Process

Below Items Are Wiped With Disinfectant Before and After Service:

  • Keys
  • Outer door handles
  • Inner door handles and arm rest
  • Power window switches
  • Steering wheel
  • Turn signal and wiper control stalks
  • Shift lever and knob
  • Driver’s seat
  • Install seat cover and steering wheel cover
  • Gloves and masks worn by all staff with car/customer contact

Pick-up At Customer Location and Drop-off:

  • Gloves and masks worn by pick-up staff
  • Sanitization process done at pick-up
  • Steering wheel cover and seat cover to remain to until drop-off

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