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Weissach Community: Holiday Circuit

Weissach Community: Holiday Circuit

Weissach has made giving back to the community a core value for our business. Our goal is to enhance our local communities and are committed to helping to give what we can to those in need.

It’s not like us to break tradition, but this year we have decided to make an important change. Weissach will not be hosting our 6th Annual Toy Drive this holiday. In place of the Toy Drive, we will be hosting an event to support two urgent local matters.

We have been a long-term supporter of Langara College and our support is because we strongly believe those who want the chance to better their quality of life, they deserve that opportunity. Langara is Canada’s pathway college, providing accessible high-quality undergraduate career and continuing educational programs to more than 24,000 students annually. For 25 years, Langara College has provided a little additional support to low-income student-parents through the distribution of hampers during the holiday season. This year, the vetted applications for requested help from low-income student-parents have tripled from previous years due to effects of the pandemic. Our goal is to assist 70 student families and a further 650 students with a holiday hamper.

As we were planning for this, a natural catastrophic disaster occurred to our neighbors in the Fraser Valley. It is disheartening to hear how the flood has, once again, put our province in a state of emergency. Beyond the supply chains, there are many repercussions to residents, agricultural workers, and delivery of help from charitable organizations to those who rely on them for survival. We cannot wait for a resolve but rather, we would like to not only provide some relief in the matter, but also encourage others to work to help rebuild the community in unison.

On Saturday, December 11th between 10 AM and 1 PM, we will be partnering with the PCA-CWR and hosting a Fundraiser held at Weissach on 1757 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC. We would like to host this event to help raise awareness, encourage relief donations, and create a memorable time for all. We plan to create a room decorated with various lights to symbolize hope and a brighter path ahead. There will be other activities and initiatives, including live music and a raffle for various valued items. All proceeds will be going directly to Langara, the City of Abbotsford, as well as the Archway Community Services Food Bank. We invite you and your friends or family to come join us.

The event is part of the Weissach Community Initiative and named 'Circuit' because whether if it is a track or electrical circuit, it's the various components that allow it to come together full-circle, much like a community. It is only with the efforts of those in our community that give the power to spark.

If you are not able to attend the event, our doors be open during our regular hours with the event decorations still in place. Feel free to drop by and make a donation or contribute directly with the links below.

Langara Hamper Program (Weissach Community):

Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund:

We look forward to seeing you again and to create meaningful memories, together.

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