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Porsche Club of America: All Ladies Drive Event

Porsche Club of America: All Ladies Drive Event

Tuesday, 01 September, 2020


The day started bright and early at 7:30 AM where a group of 15 gear-headed, Porsche-loving women met-up in North Vancouver, to discuss details of the Saturday drive that lay ahead of them. Both the Porsche Club of America and Weissach had  a mission, to not only enjoy the scenic drive up to Squamish but also raise funds for the women of Union Gospel Mission. This event was a perfect opportunity to meet both those goals.

Post some freshly baked warm goodies from COBS Bread (we thank you for the special offer) and goody bags from yours truly, Weissach, the women hopped into their vehicles and revved those engines, forming a convoy that definitely turned several heads along the way.

The views on the way to Squamish were definitely breath taking and refreshing, especially for the ladies who decided to bring their convertibles out for a spin! Once up at Squamish Station mall, everyone stopped for a coffee break and group pictures (following social distancing as much as they could). It was a great opportunity to discuss what it felt like being a Porsche owner for several years now and how with every generation of women owners, there comes a new set of rules and learning curves, but the fun never stops!

The discussions also gave birth to new event ideas and different ways in which like-minded women could congregate to celebrate the one thing they had in common – they’re love for Porsche! As noon came along, it was time to head back home to Vancouver and as they drove away, they had only one thing on their mind – when do we get to this again?!

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