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Let’s Talk Classics at Weissach’s Vintage Porsche Showcase

Let’s Talk Classics at Weissach’s Vintage Porsche Showcase

Let’s Talk...Classics, Weissach’s Vintage Porsche Showcase in Vancouver, BC

Weissach prides itself on a lineup of attractive and timeless vintage models, we love talking Porsche classics as much as we love providing them to our clients. That’s exactly what our Porsche Classics events are for, and we’re thrilled to announce these showcases have now become an annual tradition among our array of Weissach events. This showcase is our way of bringing Porsche enthusiasts together to chew the proverbial fat, trade notes on all things Porsche, and even put some of their prized possessions on display among those who can truly appreciate them. Whether you’re located in Vancouver, South Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Northwest Vancouver, BC, or anywhere across Western Canada, find out what our Porsche Classics events are all about and how they started before contacting us at Weissach to join the fun.

What You Can Expect at Our Porsche Classics Showcase

Our establishment is a haven for aficionados of opulent and classical Porsche cars, featuring a revered lineup that spans from the vibrant 60s to the dynamic 90s. Last summer marked a significant enhancement to our collection with the acquisition of exceptional vintage Porsche vehicles. Seizing the moment to celebrate these automotive treasures, we inaugurated our Classic Porsche Open House, uniting an impressive array of our most exquisite and uncommon Porsche models. This event transforms our Vancouver showroom into a living museum, honoring the enduring legacy of Porsche through these time-honored classics that continue to capture the hearts of true connoisseurs.

We invite all those who are interested to visit Weissach and share their love of Porsche classics with us and our fellow diehards. The vehicles showcased are not only from our compelling inventory, but also from the exclusive collections of many of our valued clients. When joining our Classic Porsche Open House, you’ll be able to marvel at a variety of vintage Porsche models that have been carefully preserved, engage with plenty of participants who are just as passionate as we are, and perhaps best of all, enjoy an assortment of homemade German bratwurst grilled and served by Weissach’s very own German COO, Kai.

How Weissach’s Porsche Classics Showcase Was Born

From the day we opened our doors in Vancouver back in 1980, our passion for all things Porsche has not just burned bright, but grown, and with that comes our commitment to sharing it with our esteemed clients and bringing them in on the fun. We’ve demonstrated that commitment with a variety of events and charitable efforts, from our Motorsport Track Days to our Porsche Pink Parade to our Coffee & Cars events, and our Classic Porsche Open House carries on that commitment.

Launched in autumn 2022, our Classic Porsche Open House is the latest gem in the Weissach series of gatherings, paying homage to the exceptional and seldom-seen vintage Porsches that have been scrupulously maintained by us and our clients alike. For this event, we carefully handpicked and presented an array of these immaculate historic models, which illustrate the innovative spirit of Porsche from the golden ages of the 60s to the 90s. With immense pride, we welcomed more than 150 Porsche aficionados who came to admire these venerable models as they enjoyed the authentic bratwurst prepared by our own Kai. The event's success and the attendees' enthusiasm have inspired us to make this celebration a yearly occurrence, cementing it as a signature experience for our community of collectors and Porsche enthusiasts.

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