Driver Education Track Day – 2019 Registration

    Please complete the following registration form to confirm your preferred date for the 2019 season.

    *Kindly note the following: there are no passenger drive-alongs during the educational sessions. If you are bringing a driving guest with you, note that registration is tied to the individual not the vehicle. Therefore, if you would like to share a vehicle and share accommodation, the cost for a room will be removed - however, you can opt to have separate accommodation. In this case, the cost for the track day remains the same. Note that accommodation options include 1 and 2-bedroom suites. Finally, please be aware that dates are dependant on participation and not guaranteed if participation levels are below expected. Adequate notice will be provided in this case. If you would like to reserve more than one date at this time, kindly complete the form again or contact Bojana at or 604 738 3911.
    *Please note there are no passenger drive-alongs during the educational sessions. Guests are welcome to view from the spectator area.
    *Please note you must include this information if yourself and another driver are sharing the same vehicle for the duration of the track day.
    *Chad can be reached 604 738 3911 | Lawrence can be reached at 604 738 3931 | Ben can be reached at 403 984 6433
    *This is an additional cost. If yes, please contact to organize transportation for your vehicle.
    *Choose all that you would like to participate in. Payment is due upon completion of this form.

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