Here is what some of you have to say about us. Thanks; we couldn’t have done it without you.

    Alex, Vancouver

    “We have recently had the pleasure of visiting Weissach while looking for a Porsche Boxster S. The service we received was excellent. Kai took his time to show us the car in detail and we never felt rushed and had all of our questions answered. I would highly recommend them for anyone searching for that perfect car and a great buying experience.”

    Lange, Vancouver

    “I had the best experience having my car serviced at Weissach this past Monday. Chad was so great! Unfortunately, I have had poor service recently at the dealership I have been going to for years. When I had to have my car towed on Sunday morning, I did not want to go back to the dealership. Luckily, Weissach popped up on my Google search. When I told the tow truck driver to tow me to Weissach instead of the dealership, he couldn’t say enough nice things about you so I felt comfortable with my decision. I am so happy I did! I really appreciated the prompt service and excellent communication from Chad.

    Thank you very much. I will be back!”

    Dean, Vancouver

    “Just wanted to thank Chad for his first class service, he is excellent at customer service and he obviously has a great team backing him up.”

    Judy, Vancouver 

    “The service was, as always, friendly, fast and feels like home!”

    Jeff, Vancouver & Calgary

    “Hi Asgar,

    I called and asked for you but you were out of the office so I asked for and talked to your general manager. I wanted to let you know about my experience with two of your employees, one in each of your stores. The first was Mike, your salesman in your Vanc store. He had a very professional presentation, was polite, helpful, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with.  The only reason I didn’t purchase a vehicle from Mike was because you didn’t have what I was looking for. The second fellow was Richard in your Calgary store. He was also very professional, polite, very helpful and accommodating. I had him look after an inspection and service on a vehicle that I did purchase privately in Calgary last week. He took the time to answer my questions and helped me get familiar with the car. I believe he was actually on his way out the door at the end of the day but when he heard me talking to reception he came over and took care of me.  Both men represented your business as well as anyone could and they were a pleasure to deal with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of them.

    I know how difficult it is to find top notch employees so I trust you will congratulate both these men on a job well done.”

    Ian & Jennifer, Vancouver


    I understand that you are out of town; I trust that you are enjoying yourself.

    Jennifer and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for making this transaction such an enjoyable one.

    I appreciated Kai’s patience, advice and the obvious efforts that he expended on my behalf; especially in getting the car ready for the long weekend. Mike was I think even more excited than I was as he went through the features of the car.

    All your staff went out of their way to make Jennifer and I feel extremely special and treated us with tremendous warmth and attention.

    Your staff are a tremendous reflection of your attention to detail, grace and generous spirit.

    I took the car up to town this morning with the top down. The smile is still on my face.

    Thanks for the encouragement.”

    Mike, Vancouver

    “Hello Asgar,

    I hope the Easter long weekend treated you and your family well, and your gang at Weissach.

    We met briefly on delivery of our Aston Vantage S a few weeks ago, the 2013 car in Stratus white.

    For your feedback, the Weissach experience, from this end.

    As I made clear to Morley several times, his handling of our ongoing discussion on the Vantage over some 2-3 months was professional, personable, and efficient. His responses were timely, and helpful. He represents your company well.

    The information provided on the car, from both Weissach and from Morley was always accurate, and Morley was quick to be able to fill in any gaps based on my questions.

    My wife and I do not make such purchases every day, and while the car felt right for us from the outset, it took us time to get comfortable with the money, yes, and also the comparative value with other vehicles we were looking at. Morley, and Kai, handled this well. I appreciated the time afforded over several months to find common ground on price, a balance of engagement but not pressure. In my business, it is important to realize that while it is easy to get excited going into a deal, it is another to reconcile it to shareholders as the right deal “the day after”. As such, it was important for us to be not just excited about “the drive home in the new car”, but to understand how we would feel about the purchase the next day, or the next week, in terms of value.

    The car has far surpassed our expectations, on all levels, simple as that; performance, exterior lines and interior feel and aesthetic. To that end, Morley’s judgement that this car, not another car, was the right car for us was spot on. To be sure, we are as thrilled with the purchase today as we were when we drove the car off the lot a few weeks ago; probably more actually.

    The delivery of the car was perfect; the timelines, the papers, the keys, the detailed condition, the inspection, even squeezing in the windshield treatment, which I had neglected to notice in an e-mail from Jeanie days before. With a car that had been off the road for a time, I explained to Morley that James Bond cache aside, safety was actually more important to Rhea and I on our first road trip, and Morley, and your service team, made me comfortable that the car was “ready to go”.

    Finance and insurance was seamless; professional, but also excited for our purchase. As was one of your salesman, whom we had never met before, on the day of delivery. His excitement for our new Vantage left an impression with me; I am glad to see that Weissach staff have a genuine pride in their business, whether it is their sale, or not. That is not common. Same at Service. In an off-the-cuff comment from me on the power of the Aston on first drive, Chad was the first to blush in agreement that the Vantage S, while good looking, does not sacrifice with a performance that is almost intimidating.

    Smiles are common place at introductions, but they tend to disappear when intent is solidified and the grunt work begins; engagement on the back end of an acquisition is not common. Weissach has demonstrated a very real integrity to this end, underlined by a common sincerity in your note below, several others, conversations with Kai and Morley on the floor on delivery, and Chad and Stewart in Service, all either at or beyond our point of purchase.

    While my genuine intent is to hand off the Vantage S to one of children many decades from now, I will endorse the idea that Weissach has realized not just a sale to the Gunning’s, but has seeded a relationship, and with that, I will hope to keep in touch, not to buy a replacement, but to enjoy a nice cappuccino, sure !!”

    Barb & Kent, Vancouver

    “Hi Stuart, thank you for your diligent follow up.

    Barb & I plus Spirit are absolutely delighted with our 996 “Fritz”.

    We had a wonderful drive home to Kelowna, arriving for a full car spa treatment to emulate the immaculate condition upon delivery.

    Due to work travel we have accumulated less than 1,000km.

    Fritz is nicely covered and tucked in awaiting a reduction in my travel.

    Mike has been outstanding and always goes the extra mile.

    Please extend our sincerely appreciation to your entire team of world class warmth & support.”

    Jay, Vancouver
    “Thank you Asgar,
    Yes I am thoroughly enjoying the car, it’s wonderful.
    Your company comes highly recommended by a few people I know and I must say my experience so far has been fantastic. Your team delivers a very high level of service and they obviously love what they do.
    I look forward to participating in some of your events.”

    Frank, Vancouver
    “Weissach has gone overboard as usual with their post purchase service/customer care.
    As a multiple year returning customer for purchase and service it is of great comfort that Stuart, Chad and Kai have taken care of me. Looking forward to many travels ahead in my ‘new’ Cayenne GTS.”

    Jon, Vancouver
    “Now that I have had my beautiful Porsche Boxster S for a few days, i am thoroughly enjoying the pleasure to drive it up Mt. Seymour and numerous other adventures. What an amazing car as it far exceeds my expectations. I want to thank you for this amazing car and your kind consideration. I enjoyed speaking with you and I feel a connection with you and of course recognize your connection with my family. I also wanted to express how delighted I am with Mike Jones. He is very attentive, very professional, and a warm individual who appreciates the customer and the car.
    Weissach is a great experience and I am delighted with doing business with you.
    All the best and hope to see you soon.
    Thank You!”

    Richard & Olive, Vancouver
    “Thank you for your follow up, we have managed to rack up a few km’s on the car, I would also like to thank both Kai & Michael who provided significant input in my buying decision, it was objective and aimed at providing me with the right car for my circumstances. I have now had a chance to add a couple of additional coats of polish and would like to bring to your attention how well the car was prepared before I picked it up. Whom ever did the detailing on the pre-delivery did an excellent job, I rarely find work done to this high standard. In short the buying process has been excellent, you have a good team of professionals supporting you.”

    Julie, Vancouver
    “I would like to thank Michael, Stuart and the Weissach team for introducing me to the world of Porsche and the life experience they offer their owners.
    Track Day was beyond my expectations and it will be some time before I come down from the euphoria of driving my car with more knowledge and at such an exhilarating speed.
    In a nutshell, I had the time of my life!”

    John, Alberta
    “I have had the pleasure of buying a new 2013 Lotus Evora S through Weissach. Buying a vehicle from out of province, via emails, was made so much easier and less stressful by your professional sales and service associates.
    In particular, I would like to extend my warm thanks to Michael Menchelli, Stuart Davidson, and Elizabeth Sanfilippo. They have patiently dealt with my emails and requests, and made every effort to accommodate and respond in a timely fashion to me. My new vehicle was delivered in showroom condition, as promised, and on time.
    I look forward to your expansion into the Calgary market, and I would like to thank you for the quality of people and service you offer.”

    Calvin, Vancouver
    I have my car in for the repair today as the parts came in yesterday. I wanted to thank you guys over at Weissach for offering to cover 50% of the oil sensor repairs, gestures like this go a long way in assuring me that I made the right choice in dealing with everyone over there. I’ve mentioned you guys to friends and family, and this gesture goes further to show how professional and client oriented Weissach is. Also, on a side note, I will have that delivery paper signed and scanned and sent back to you as soon as possible, I apologize for putting it off as I was preoccupied enjoying my new toy (it is a wonderful car).

    Keith, Vancouver
    Your staff, once again, provided impeccable service to myself and my wife. I will continue to have both our Porsche’s service through Stuart and his Team. From your receptionist through your Sales Team to Elizabeth, the service experience was enjoyable. Thanks again Asgar

    Greg, Vancouver
    I’m so pleased my son caught me smiling and giggling as we drove home that day after picking up the car. It’s the experience I was expecting it to be.
    …it’s made the difference between not only being satisfied but ecstatic! One big difference, obviously, is you were able to put me into what is essentially a “new” car and that’s something my personality needed with this kind of purchase.

    Omar, Switzerland
    Today I received the car. Absolutely outstanding condition! WOW! I’m very happy and tomorrow we will start all the process in order to adapt it to the Swiss law. Few friends of the Porsche community came to see it live, and everybody had their mouth wide open. Actually the combination of color (yellow/grey) is not common here in Europe, but see it live is very, very nice.
    …Thank you for your assistance, reliability and professionalism. I’ve been really impressed by your service. Weissach Performance, Top Class! Well done.

    I really want to commend and thank you, Mark, Stuart and everyone at Weissach for making my latest buying experience a pleasant, simple and positive one.
    You guys really are the best.

    Nick, Mississauga
    This letter is to sincerely thank you all for your dedication, care and integrity with regards to the purchase of our 1987 Lamborghini Countach. This car has been a dream of mine and my two brothers since we were kids, having all the posters on our walls and watching them in movies like The Cannonball Run. We had searched for over 7 years to find the right car that we could cherish and keep in the ‘collection’. We came across this particular car and were instantly interested. After some discussion about details of the vehicle etc, we flew out to have a closer look and were very impressed not only with the vehicle, but the crispness and immaculate nature of the whole operation. Robert, you were particularly gentle in your approach and answered all questions and queries with the utmost honesty and we never felt uneasy to ask anything about the car.
    It is very rare indeed to have such a positive sales experience. I commend you all for operating such a fine dealership, breaking all typical stereotypes in the industry. You are all gentlemen and we will not only be buying more cars from you, but also will be pleased to send you referrals.

    Kenneth, BC
    I wanted to thank you and Weissach for putting on the recent MS tour. I enjoyed meeting and spending time with all the people there. The Lamborghinis looked and sounded fabulous. I was fueling up on Sunday in Summerland, and the guy next to me asked if I bought my Porsche at Weissach. I said yes, and had he been there. Turns out Murray says hi. He told me he’d been your neighbour for years.

    HC, BC
    I am very thankful for the wonderful job you are doing at Weissach. You have made my Lamborghini ownership experience so much better with your superb before and after sales service. You and your staff are always friendly and respectful, and I love the fact that you are car enthusiasts yourselves. Thank you for thinking of me for the LP640. To say the car is amazing is an understatement. I am indeed privileged to be a part of the Lamborghini family.

    Chris, Vancouver
    I was recently introduced to Stuart through Brian Jessel BMW. I have been dealing with Brian for years and they were able to find me a Boxster I couldn’t refuse. After purchasing my little toy my next concern was service and securing people whom I can trust with the car I have now versus my BMW products. After dealing with Stuart it wasn’t long before I realized I have a first class car and am very pleased to be dealing with a first class company and will continue to do so.

    Stewart, Vancouver
    As always the service was first class, from Stuart all the way through to the staff involved. It is for that reason that I will always have my car serviced there and the next Porsche purchased there.

    Terence, Calgary
    Thanx very much for the follow up. After picking up the car on Friday afternoon last, we drove it briefly in Vancouver on Friday afternoon, and then set out for a 1000 km trip to Calgary on Saturday morning. The car ran like a top! Our experience with Weissach has been first class from start to finish. Vancouver was a long way to go to have our car serviced, but it’s been worth it. Weissach was recommended to us by an old family friend and I now understand why he doesn’t take his cars anywhere else. We hope that there may be other Porsches in our future, so what I say for now is thanx and ‘see you folks down the road’.

    Very nice to have a dealer actually care if the customer is happy with his or her service. Every thing is fine and am happy to have my Boxster S performing the way it was designed again.

    I want to thank you for a great experience while buying my first Porsche. I’m having an absolute blast with the car. I want to thank Bill for the kind, no pressure sales approach and for being helpful to me before I was a candidate for buying a car from you. Most dealerships turn a young guy like me away at the door, at Weissach I was treated with respect and will continue to do business with you for years to come. The salesmen were all extremely knowledgeable and were patient with me allowing me time to wait for the right car for my needs. Stuart and the service department all get a golden recommendation from me for making me feel welcome to come by and ask questions/advice on how to maintain my car, and promptly take care of any immediate issues I have. Not only do I expect a long relationship with Weissach, I plan on recommending you to anyone thinking of buying a Porsche in the future.

    It has been a pleasure working with you to locate and deliver my beautiful new Boxster. This did take a lot of trust on my part in the hopes that the car was in mint condition as promised. It also took your trust in the car broker form Toronto. After visiting your web site and seeing the quality of vehicles Weissach deals in, and then in talking to yourself, I felt fairly confident that Weissach would come through with a top quality Boxster. I am very happy with the car. It is in excellent condition. Thanks very much, Kai.

    When credit is due, I think it should be given especially when it comes to a Rennlist sponsor. So I want to say a public thank you to Weissach in Vancouver! Yesterday I was at the shop with my Cabrio to do the Canadian inspections and federalize the car. I can tell you that this has been the BEST service experience I have ever had in almost 15 years of Porsche ownership. Down to earth, extremely accommodating and friendly. It was indeed a very pleasant surprise! A far cry from most Porsche type of dealerships were you can feel that unless you own the latest TT you are not worthy of getting through their door so to speak…

    Went to Weissach today as noted in my appointment book but was I surprised to see that they were closed when I got there! The light traffic – it was too good to be true. A call to Asgar and within 10 minutes, Stuart was at the shop and within 30 minutes, Doug was there despite a Canadian holiday. That’s service! OK, Stuart does admit messing up as I scheduled my visit in email and he forgot. The run of the mill dealer would just tell you to come back another day. OK a long ride up from Seattle… ;-( For the prompt service, my hats off to you guys at Weissach. You have my respect – truly a wonderful dealership with excellent service. I am a happy camper.

    An example of how “sticky” your customers are to you, my decision of where I live long term is being impacted by not having Weissach nearby. It’s creating great stress thinking about someone other than you guys working on my car out here. Thanks for taking care of my car, I greatly appreciate it. The best feeling was getting into my car last month and doing the track day after not having driven for six months. Everything was perfect, the car drove perfect, the battery was fully charged, it drove like it had never been stored. It felt like I dropped the car off the day before; now that is service!

    Rod – Chilliwack, BC
    The delivery of a car from Weissach is a very pleasant experience. I have bought 35 cars, 3 from new car show rooms, and I have never had anybody work so hard to make the delivery day so special. For years I have bought cars privately, taking full advantage of the victim (sorry, I mean vendor). This experience has changed my perspective… I will be back!

    Lawrence – Vancouver, BC
    Just wanted to let you know that I thought the track program was the best yet to date for the advanced drivers. Had a tonne of fun.

    J.J. – North Vancouver, BC
    I will certainly recommend your shop to those I know who drive Porsches – your professionalism, helpful staff, and great work certainly have solidified my business with you. Thanks again for all your help.

    Jim – Vancouver, BC
    I deeply appreciate all of your unprecedented, personal attention. I am thrilled to be your customer and will be for life. Overall, I am extremely satisfied.

    Brian – Alberta
    Thanks for looking after us during our visit. It was a great experience and both my wife and I were very impressed with your staff and your lovely facility that you have.

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