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    We love our sports cars; fast, slow, old or new. The driving experience and the excitement of the freedom our cars bring us is why we are in this business to begin with. We try to share that passion whenever we can. As a result, motorsport and drivers education has always been a major focus of what we do here, and we find it an invaluable component of the sports car experience.

    However, taking your car to the track is not what you may perceive it to be. Our programs are not about racing or scaring the pants off people. Recreational sport driving programs are about education, understanding your car’s systems, how they work and what you can do to be better prepared for everyday traffic. This intern makes us all better and safer drivers on public roads and highways.

    Our partner school in Washington is ProFormance Racing School. Run by Don [...]

    20 Years Later Hard Work Pays Off

    A Lamborghini story

    WOW! We love selling these cars. Because they are fast? Exotic? Beautiful? Yes to all those reasons, but there’s more to it than that. We sell people their dreams and get to be a part of that experience with them. Here’s a great example of what it means to be a Lamborghini Vancouver client:

    From Kyle in British Columbia:

    As far back as I can remember, Lamborghinis have always been the coolest, sexiest cars on the planet. I remember cutting pictures from magazines and pinning them to my bedroom walls; reminding me to dream big and hope that one day I would sit in one or know someone that would own one.

    Twenty years later, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, my dream became a reality. I drove home in a Lamborghini Gallardo; a day I will never forget. I had no idea how much of an impact [...]

    Located in Hethel, near Norwich in England, Lotus Cars has been behind some remarkable sports and racing cars throughout the course of its history. Since 1966, Lotus Cars and Lotus Engineering have been operating out of a dedicated factory and test facility on the former RAF Hethel airbase near Wydmondham. Thanks to Google, you can now TOUR the Lotus facilities, without the need to get on an airplane and fly to England. The Google street-view doesn’t just stop at the front gates though. Jump the virtual fence, walk around the yard and explore a drivers-view of the test track!


    Porsche is most famous for its flat-6 cylinder configuration, made famous by the 911. A similar flat-6 is still being used in Carreras, as well as Boxsters and Caymans. But did you know, that throughout its history of automotive engineering, Porsche developed a range of other motors. V8s, V10s, inline 4s and a variety of “boxer” configurations have all been used at one time or another.

    Porsche has always been known for radical design concepts, and has never been afraid of pushing the envelope when it comes to extreme ideas.

    One such an idea came about in the early 70s, when Porsche was racing with the 917. In order to better promote their product in America, the goal was to build a race car for the CAN-AM series. These races were held through-out the US and Canada, and included many famous drivers and cars from the era. Porsche’s 917 Le Mans winning [...]

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