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    2016 McLaren 540C


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    Year: 2016
    Make: Other Marques
    Model: McLaren
    Trim: 540C
    Body Style: Coupe
    Mileage: 12,814 kms.
    Transmission: 7-Speed SSG
    Condition: Pre Owned
    Location: Fir ST, Vancouver, Canada
    Drivetrain: RWD
    Engine: 3.8 L
    Power: 533 bhp
    Exterior Color: Onyx Black Finish
    Interior Color: Jet Black & Apex Red
    Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
    Stock Number: FR0097
    Newest Arrivals: 2018-06-11 08:00:46
    VIN: SBM13CAAXGW000753

    The never ending days of childhood. The sun seemingly never setting as you and your friends played games until the street lights turned on, and as you looked up at the stars, you had a vision. You dreamed that one day in the future, you would travel through space, in your little metal shell, watching the vast expanse of the universe go by. The viewing port into infinity that this craft provided would mesmerize you to push further and further into the unknown before you.

    Here you are today, all grown up, sitting in your little metal shell, flanked in traffic, staring at a bumper sticker ahead of you that reads: “My child is an honor student.” You wonder where the time went. Those ambitious dreams that your young mind produced as you lazily pedaled your way home, all of them pushed far back into the forgotten filing cabinets of your brain, left alone to wither. Until today. Today is the day for those dreams to take flight, because you’ve found this: the 2016 McLaren 540c.

    There may be no commercially produced personal spacecraft available for daily use yet, but for the time being, 0- 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, 0-125 Mph in 10 seconds and a top speed of 199 Mph should be enough to tide those youthful dreams of yours over for now. Thanks in part to a P1-derived 533 HP 3.8 liter Twin Turbo charged V8 mated to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, you can hit warp speed in the time it takes to open a bag of Werther’s Originals. Delicious as they are, put that bag down, because the folks in Woking did not put all that effort into the 2900 pound lightweight Carbon fiber Monocoque for you to gorge yourself on German sweets. But if you do find yourself to be a bit heavy, worry not as this car will always be as svelte as you were in your youth.

    Power and weight are in check – but what of this rocket’s chassis? Add double wishbones connected to adaptive dampers at all four corners, and the ability to go from Normal to Sport to Track suspension settings at the turn of the dial, and this supercar goes from hyper-drive to daily-driven at the turn of a button. Around town in normal mode, the dampening is so soft that you may actually forget you are driving something that 70 short years ago was as unknown as space travel. In Sport, the ride firms enough to remember what you are driving, and in Track mode, you better be awake, because the limits you once were thought possible have been pushed past the stratosphere of belief. The new game of your commute to work will be looking at the  suggested speed of corners, and giggling at just how much you added to the number on the yellow sign.

    No you can’t buy a spaceship just yet, but open the door that is hinged to the heavens, lower yourself into the sea of alcantara that grabs hold to every fiber of the clothes that clad you, grasp the only steering wheel actually deserving of its full alcantara treatment, and press that silver start button with youthful purpose. Let the car speak. Its voice may just take you back to those long summer evenings that your mind let you forget. The spark of endless possibilities being ignited once more. A view of infinity before you, not yet the vastness of the universe, but the laws of physics pushing you close enough to taste what the future holds for the next generation. Look towards the stars again: this is the 2016 McLaren 540c.



    5 Spoke Lightweight Forged Wheels in Stealth
    MSO Seat Belts
    Sirius Radio
    Nose Lift
    Carbon Fiber interior Accents
    Alcantara Steering Wheel
    McLaren 8 Speaker Sound System
    Rear View Camera, Front and Rear Parking Sensors
    Touch Screen Navigation


    • There are no features available
    Technical Specifications currently not available

    Vehicle has Sold

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