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    RUF Automobile Germany – WELCOME TO CANADA

    June 16, 2016


    From the unmistakable roar of the engine to the legendary attention to detail, RUF cars are in a league of their own, and Vancouver and Calgary-based Weissach Performance Ltd. is proud to announce it has become Canada’s sole representative of RUF Automobile of Germany. RUF Automobile GmbH began its life in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen, Germany, and in 1981 became officially recognized as a manufacturer by the German Department of transport. In 1974, Alois Jr. Took control of the business from his father and founder Alois Ruf Sr, and inspired by his love of Porsche automobiles decided to start a Porsche repair and service shop. The company has since become the ultimate driver’s car proving that sports cars do not necessarily need to be without compromise.

    From the 1987 RUF CTR “Yellowbird”, which achieved a top speed of 211 mph and set the record as the world’s fastest production car for its time, and the CTR-3 with its 777-horsepower engine, as driven by fashion designer Ralph Lauren, to the RUF SCR 4.2 that made its world premiere debut at this month’s International Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland, RUF has enchanted car enthusiasts with its ability to build individualized sports cars that stay true to the Porsche brand, yet provide tasteful and purposeful modifications.

    “RUF Automobiles has become well known for designing, engineering, and building its own unique brand of bespoke automobiles,” says Chris Stenersen, RUF Canada sales manager, Weissach. “RUF cars combine maximum performance, suitability for everyday use and personality. RUF is among the very best respected Porsche specialist houses in the world. With over 50 years’ of Porsche cars experience. Weissach is honoured to have been chosen as the only representative in Canada, because, just like the RUF team, our team and clients are Porsche specialists and true auto enthusiasts.”
    Weissach is able to offer RUF conversions for power upgrades and a full range of RUF parts and accessories. Pending Canadian homologation Weissach will offer all RUF production models. “We are delighted to have the Weissach group as our Canadian partners. We have a long standing business relationship, and many clients and friends in Canada. I believe that working together with the Weissach group will strengthen the RUF brand in Canada,” says Estonia Ruf, CEO of RUF Automobiles.



    About Weissach Performance Ltd. (Weissach) – Vancouver – Calgary
    Founded in 1980, Weissach Performance Ltd. has established itself as an independent Porsche sales and service specialist in Vancouver, B.C. Over its 36 year history, the company has become recognized as a Porsche Authority, as well as the authorized dealer of Lamborghini, Lotus, Koenigsegg and Bugatti automobiles in Western Canada.
    In 2015 Weissach opened its flagship Lamborghini Calgary store, where it also acts as the appointed dealer for Lotus, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and now RUF. In 2016 Weissach became the sole representative of RUF Automobile GmbH in Canada. Weissach remains deeply committed to the communities in which it operates, participating in charitable causes, while giving back to the car community through track days and participating in races.

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