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    How Sports Driving School Makes you a Safer Driver

    February 11, 2015

    We love our sports cars; fast, slow, old or new. The driving experience and the excitement of the freedom our cars bring us is why we are in this business to begin with. We try to share that passion whenever we can. As a result, motorsport and drivers education has always been a major focus of what we do here, and we find it an invaluable component of the sports car experience.

    However, taking your car to the track is not what you may perceive it to be. Our programs are not about racing or scaring the pants off people. Recreational sport driving programs are about education, understanding your car’s systems, how they work and what you can do to be better prepared for everyday traffic. This intern makes us all better and safer drivers on public roads and highways.

    Our partner school in Washington is ProFormance Racing School. Run by Don Kitch Jr. and his wife Donna Kitch, ProFormance programs are designed for drivers that would like to improve their car control skills, using their street car and street tires. Sessions are conducted in a safe and controlled setting, with professional instructors by your side.

    Well known in the automotive industry, Seattle resident and race car driver Don Kitch Jr. has been involved in motorsports for over 25 years. A veteran of over 200 professional and amateur racing starts, Kitch has involved himself in every aspect of the Driving Industry.

    In 1987, Kitch and his wife Donna founded the ProFormance Racing School where he is the Chief Instructor. The school is involved at all levels of advanced driver education, from street survival skills to high performance driving, as well as competition.

    Don will be at Weissach Performance in Vancouver on March 4th, to give a short presentation on driver’s education, the various benefits and how they can apply to you. Keep an eye on our website, as well as the Weissach Performance Facebook page for all the details as they become available.