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    Electric Vehicles: Economically-Sound Luxury

    January 9, 2018

    With no exaggeration, you can accurately say that the Tesla Model S revolutionized the auto industry. With a massive shift towards electric vehicles (EV’s) within the last decade, Weissach is proud to offer a curated collection of certified pre-owned Electric Vehicles.

    Why an Electric Vehicle?

    There are many incredible benefits and perks that come with owning an electric vehicle. The following sections will outline why NOW is the best time to get your hands on the perfect certified pre-owned electric vehicle.

    Great running costs

    With traditional gas prices becoming incredibly volatile, the cost of electricity remains stable. If power in BC costs an average of $0.10 per kilowatt-hour, the cost of an electric vehicle ends up being about $0.018 per kilometre. On average, the cost to fuel an electric vehicle is approximately an eighth of the cost of fueling a gas-equivalent car.


    A recent European study calculated the total lifecycle emissions of an electric car, including the emission cost for manufacturing the vehicle, battery, and all of its energy consumption. This study found that electric cars emit significantly less greenhouse gases than their diesel counterpart. Another study done by VUB University in Belgium found that, “in Poland, which uses high volumes of coal, electric vehicles produced a quarter less emissions than diesels when put through a full lifecycle modelling study.”

    As battery technology is ever progressing and improving, and more renewable sources of energy enter the grid, emissions from just the manufacturing of batteries are expected to decrease by 65% in the future.

    Driving range increasing

    In British Columbia, approximately 95% of all trips in a car in urban areas are less than 30km. This distance is well within the range of a typical electric car. With today’s technology, Tesla electric vehicles offer an average range of 400km before needing a charge. This range is incredibly comparable to an average range of 500km by the average gas-equivalent vehicle. In the future, as battery technology and efficiency increases, this range is expected to increase.

    Additionally, the total number of public charging stations available in Vancouver is always increasing. There are currently over 250 stations run by government bodies available for public use and over 1000 in BC alone. These stations include a mix of Level 2 and Super chargers; most are free and those that are not charge a minimal surcharge. Outside of these stations, Tesla also offers many Tesla-only super charging stations across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. These chargers take significantly less time to charge and get you back on the road – 25 minutes to 80% charge! The locations of the Tesla-only super charging stations can be found here and are offered at a minimal surcharge.

    Instant torque

    If performance and power is the only thing stopping you from making the move to electric, two words: instant torque. Instant torque means that the vehicle will achieve maximum torque at zero rpm – something gas-powered cars can’t. Engineering Explained wants you to realize that, “there isn’t an engine under the hood of an electric car. Instead, there is a motor-generator, and a battery pack to supply power. As the electric current travels through the motor within a magnetic field, it generates a force. The more current applied, the more the motor will spin.”


    Weissach Certified Pre-Owned

    Finally, now is the best time to buy a certified pre-owned electric vehicle. Last year, Tesla cut their customers free access to super chargers for vehicle orders placed after January 15th, 2017. As a result, most pre-owned Tesla’s on the road were ordered prior to this date. Consequently, they are still on the original Supercharger access program with free Supercharger for the life of the vehicles.

    We’re very particular about the cars we sell. We put them through a rigorous inspection process to ensure they’re every bit as good as the day they were first built. Once they’ve passed, we recondition them to ensure there are no scuffed wheels, no major scratches or dents, and that the interiors look and feel like no other pre-owned car in the market. We deliver every car we sell with 2 keys. We’re proud of that.

    We invite you to come to our store. Walk around, look at the cars, talk to a few people. We believe you’ll be impressed with our products, our facilities and our team.

    Take a moment to view our full inventory here.