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    The Bugatti Chiron Arrives in Vancouver

    October 11, 2017

    The King, the BUGATTI Chiron, graced us with his presence last week in West Vancouver.

    The King has Arrived

    On Monday, September 25th we joined forces with Real Estate extraordinaire, Malcolm Hasman, for another BUGATTI Chiron debut. Situated near the top of the British Properties, the Chiron looked right at home next to the $10.8 million mansion. The Chiron’s arrival was celebrated in full force. With guests from every industry, they could not help but admire the masterpiece.

    About the Bugatti Chiron

    With 0–400–0 km/h in 42 seconds, the Chiron sets a world record. The 1,500 h.p. supercar from Alsace has accelerated from a standing start to 400 km/h and braked back to a standstill in just 42 seconds (41.96). This is the fastest time ever achieved and officially measured for this driving maneuver for a production vehicle. This ultimate super sports car is truly a breaker of new dimensions and underlines this with its unique performance figures.

    Reaching this level of performance and speed also generates technical demands for the design and aerodynamics. Following the idea that ‘form follows performance’ the BUGATTI design team created a masterpiece that is both beautiful and aerodynamically efficient. Intelligent air intake management significantly improves aerodynamic properties. This also enhances the cooling efficiency of the engine. Even the brakes were redesigned and equipped with a newly developed heat shield for very high-efficiency brake cooling, actively guiding the air through the brake disks.

    Significantly more “Beast” with a high level of “Beauty”

    Mirroring the exterior’s BUGATTI signature line with the world’s longest built-in LED illumination system. The C-shaped lighting composition reveals an interior that blends beauty and functionality. The cockpit layout of the Chiron gives the driver all the necessary information within his field of vision. The mechanical speedometer, which goes up to the magic 500 km/h mark, is a feast for the eyes. The units on the central console, milled from a single piece of solid aluminum, have independent, adjustable displays.


    Partners in Crime

    Alongside the Chiron, were three beautiful Lamborghini’s. The Aventador S Coupé, Huracán Coupé, and Huracán Spyder were welcome additions to the party. The new Aventador S model inherits its extraordinary beating heart: the iconic V12 engine from the Aventador family. It is the sign of recognition of a thoroughbred power, with its excellent acceleration performance at any engine speed. With lightning-fast responsiveness, a breathtaking roar, and now a full 40 HP more to unleash on the asphalt. But Aventador S Coupé will not settle for less and wants everything. The performance features of a super sports car are joined by the extreme agility and handling of the 4 Wheel Steering system for unprecedented driving dynamics. In addition to the possibility to have the most personal driving experience ever thanks to the brand new EGO customised driving mode.

    Finally, we had a great time welcoming the wondrous BUGATTI Chiron back our side of the tracks. Many thanks to those that came out to check out this beauty. We look forward to welcoming our next exciting visitor.

    Photography courtesy of Blake Jennings Photography