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    Automobili Pininfarina

    December 11, 2018

    Dear Automobili Pininfarina Community,

    It is our pleasure to welcome you inside the world of Automobili Pininfarina. To show our gratitude for you registering your interest in our exciting new brand and the incredible PF0 all-electric hypercar, our team will in future send you news from our team that gives you unique insight into a business unlike any other in the global automotive industry. In this first edition, we are pleased to reveal to you the elegant design formula for Automobili Pininfarina’s future range of luxury and sports cars, which our Italian Design team has named PURA.

    As with all Pininfarina-designed cars, the end-product is more than just a styling exercise. When undertaking new projects, Automobili Pininfarina ensures that every aspect of the car adheres to a strict criteria. The car will not only excel in exterior and interior design and craftsmanship, but also focus on ensuring that the driving experience, passenger experience and engineering innovation match the world-leading status of the design aesthetic. This design purity will define the foundation to what Automobili Pininfarina has dubbed PURA.



    Purity, an almost immeasurable essence, is the core of our brand’s mission. Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina – the famous founder of Pininfarina – sought design purity in every one of his car creations.

    Design purity means that the elements of balance and rhythm exist in perfect harmony through the expression of every line, tone or color, and shape used in an Automobili Pininfarina design. Our designers aim is not simply to create something beautiful, but to focus on creating something pure. When done right, purity in design leads to an object that is truly beautiful.

    The purity in the design of the PF0 hypercar will be matched by extraordinary performance delivered through an innovative all-electric powertrain. Power is nothing without control, and Automobili Pininfarina will undertake extreme tests throughout the development programme of PF0 to ensure that its scintillating performance will be accessible and rewarding at all speeds.

    Nick Heidfeld, famous for his record in developing outstanding Formula One and Formula E race cars with engineers at the pinnacle of motorsport, has now joined the Automobili Pininfarina team and in future will help define the driving experience of the PF0 hypercar.

    To learn more about the PF0 hypercar and Automobili Pininfarina, please visit our Media Zone.

    We look forward to sharing more news with you ahead of the PF0 world premiere in 2019.

    With kind regards,

    The Automobili Pininfarina Team