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    Weissach Group Weissach is Canada's largest Independent Porsche sales and service centre. Located in Vancouver, we are a luxury and sports automotive group, specializing in Automotive Sales, Aftersales, and Service.

    As a group, we have a relationship-based approach to automotive sales and service which has allowed us to thrive in business for more than 40 years. If you’re speaking to the same audience, then we want to work with you.



    We welcome forward-thinking brand partnerships and collaborations. Combine your team with ours and your resources with ours. The purpose of strategic partnerships and collaborations is to craft new communication solutions or assets, that resonate with our audiences and cuts through the clutter, making both our brands shine.

    Publishing & Social

    Accompany your brand narratives with our products and through our channels.


    Let’s create unique brand experiences through memorable real-life or virtual activations.


    Let’s build stronger connections with our audiences by leveraging each others strengths.

    Licensing and Reuse of Content: 

    License fees, logo seals, artwork, and copyrights will be determined per partnership and collaboration project basis.